Treatment is hampered by infiltration of underlying and bone structures with basalioma.


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And also with the development of late, ulcerative stages. These manifestations take longer to heal and require higher doses of radiation.and chemotherapy.

In addition, if the tumor has already begun to infiltrate the subcutaneous tissue, then it can recur, despite all the methods of domperidone pills.

In order to prevent its germination, it is necessary to remove the basalioma in the early stages. To visually determine the early and late stages, there are certain sizes of a skin tumor: a tumor less than 20 mm in size is considered early and most likely has not yet had time to germinate into the subcutaneous fat. But the local process, which has dimensions exceeding 20 mm, is already running and most likely has infiltrated the cellular tissue or even deeper layers.

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Patients with basalioma after its detection and treatment become dispensary registered with an oncodermatologist.

On average, such a medical examination lasts about 5 years, and after its completion, in the absence of motilium and diagnostic signs of basalioma during this time, patients are completely removed from the register. The information provided in this article is intended for informational purposes only and cannot replace professional advice and qualified medical assistance. At the slightest suspicion of the presence of this disease, be sure to consult a doctor! Basalioma of the skin: what is it, treatment and removal.


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In medical practice, basalioma of the skin is one of the most common tumor-like diseases of an epithelial nature. This disease may also be called basal cell carcinoma or basal cell carcinoma. This tumor is observed in 75 to 96% of all cases of epithelial malignancies.

To understand in more detail all the nuances of this disease, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the general information, the causes of the appearance, symptoms and methods of treatment.

What is basalioma Causes of occurrence What does basalioma look like Classification Symptoms Stages Diagnosis Treatment Drug treatment Chemotherapy Laser removal Surgical intervention Radiation therapy Photodynamic therapy Cryodestruction Folk remedies Nutrition Prognosis.

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